“The bird a nest, the spider a web, man friendship

William Blake

The William Blake Fellowship is dedicated to sharing the life and times, the work and message of Britain’s greatest poet, artist, printer and prophet - for all ages.

As William Blake is the patron saint of London and artists and creatives and everywhere, we celebrate his mission and vision through many different art forms in original presentations live online or in person.

We also encourage interactive discussion and sharing about Blake so whether you have a presentation, performance or paper, reading, song, lecture, about Blake, or original work inspired by him, you have a home here and you are welcome to share it with fellow Blakeans.

We look forward to hearing from you…



The Fellowship was formed online during lockdown not only to give comfort and solace through Blake’s visionary work amidst the uncertainty, but to uplift and inspire, give perspective, confidence and clarity about our human experience and renew our sense of purpose.

The Fellowship was created by experienced Blakeans; authors, presenters, educationalists and creatives who are active in propagating Blake together and within our own professional fields.

As the world returned to ‘normal’ life again those who enjoyed the presentations and ‘fellowship’ from around the world encouraged a continuation of the work.